Under the Direction
of Murude katipoglu

Murude Katipoglu’s approach to designing interiors is defined by two distinct but intertwined elements. The first is architectural. The logical, flowing spaces which characterise her projects are carefully designed to enhance and improve the way her clients live, work - and entertain.
As Murude puts it: ‘Based on discussions, we can work out how we want clients to feel in an interior, and how the rooms should be used. There is both a practical and an emotional aspect to everything we do. Every space is a unique experience.’  
Murude’s aesthetic is equally recognisable, with an emphasis on refined and restrained interiors. The harmonious, warm palettes, natural materials and textures, like heavy linens or solid oak, often layered with other furnishings in muted, sun-bleached tones, all nod to Murude’s Cypriot, Mediterranean heritage. These combine with bespoke, hand-crafted furniture and the eclectic but judiciously-chosen antiques, all with a pleasing patina of time, as well as the art which she also finds for clients.

After graduating from Kingston University, where she studied interior design and architecture, Murude spent several years working for a firm of London designers and architects. Alongside high-end private homes, she was also involved in large commercial projects.

In 2017, Murude founded her eponymous practice, based in the City of London. With a team of interior designers, the studio specialises in top-tier residential and boutique hospitality projects in Britain and abroad. These include a private retreat, complete with cottages and outbuildings on a remote Scottish island, a West London townhouse, and a reconfigured, 18,000-square-foot country house in Hampshire.


Murude in the studio looking at fabric samples with the team

Working closely with architects, tradespeople and craftsmen, the practice covers every aspect of a refurbishment - from design concept to completion.

Murudé creates refined, eclectic spaces that reflect the distinctiveness of its environment and the people who inhabit it.

All our projects start with a consultation to establish a client’s needs and objectives, and personal taste. Please contact us on studio@murude.com if you would like to arrange a meeting.


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